My name is Alexander Popov, and this is my personal blog about OS kernel development and security: vulnerability discovery, exploitation techniques, and defensive technologies.

I'm a Linux kernel developer since 2012. I'm focused on kernel security.
Here are my contributions to the mainline kernel and my conference talks.

Some of my open source projects:
   ► Linux Kernel Defence Map, which shows the relationships between:
           • Vulnerability classes
           • Exploitation techniques
           • Bug detection mechanisms
           • Defence technologies
   ► kconfig-hardened-check – a tool for checking the security hardening options of the Linux kernel
   ► kernel-build-containers, which provides containers for building software with many different compilers
There are mirrors of these projects at Codeberg and GitFlic.

You can join the LinKerSec Telegram channel about Linux kernel security, authored by me and Andrey Konovalov.

See my contacts below.